Over the past twenty years, we have worked with a variety of clients across the UK although with a strong focus in southern England. Our clients include both the public and private sector and range in size from the individual householder right the way up to the largest housing and infrastructure developers.

We are respected by our clients for undertaking thorough surveys and identifying relevant ecological constraints to development at an early stage. This often allows for significant impacts to be avoided thereby saving time and costs.

Our breadth of experience ensures that we are able to tailor solutions that we know work to the clients needs. We are acutely aware of the importance of working to a (sometimes) tight schedule within the construction industry and always strive to integrate the ecological works with the minimum of disruption.

Below summaries below show the breadth of our client base and some examples of our most regular clients. Please follow the links where available to see examples of our project work and client testimonials.

Major House Builders

We work with a wide range of house building firms from small organisations right the way up to major international construction consortia. Our work informs all stages of the development process from design and planning, through construction to operation and maintenance.

Developers & Private Householders

We welcome the opportunity to work with smaller developers and house owners looking to do small scale home improvements and have been required to provide an ecological survey by the local planning authority.

Housing Associations

We have established relationships with a large number of housing associations across southern England and regularly provide advice and undertake surveys to inform refurbishment and redevelopment of social housing sites.

Agencies & Organisations involved in Nature Conservation

Over the years we have worked closely with organisation such as Natural England, the Mammal Society and the Environment Agency undertaking research, providing expert advice and contributing to environmental training programmes.

Consultants, Planners & Architects

We work on a daily basis with a wide range of planning consultants, environmental consultants, architects and other advisors. We have an established reputation within a broad base of different companies for providing excellent advice and value for money. We have found that our client base within this sector has grown considerably in the past 5 years.

Industrial, Mineral and Infrastructure Developers

We provide advice and undertake surveys to inform major transport infrastructure projects, mineral extraction and industrial and manufacturing operations.

Local and Regional Authorities & Agencies

We have worked extremely closely with a range of local authorities and the former regional development agencies in the development of policies and the survey and assessment of assets as part of due diligence assessment.

Sustainable Technologies & Developments

Our work in this area has included a number of large and small scale wind farm developments as well as a large number of solar arrays located across southern England. We have also worked extensively with Sustrans in the development of the national cycle network.